The Forsaken of Santa Fe

The Baby and The Bomb

Death pays a visit

Characters present: Ban, Josh, Raizel, Vin

After finding the abandon mine where Bane fled the heroes encounter some strangeness. 

Moving through the hills the heroes see the effect of regio first hand. The forest becoming deeper then lighter again. By the time the arrived at the camp Orik, Trix, and Solara had vanished into the Regio. Not having any better option, they proceeded on the camp.

Through the clever use of rope trick the heroes ambushed a death hound. This allowed them to come closer to the camp and sneak into the mines. As they closed Raizel spotted a wizard tower that faded in and out of reality as they came close. 

Once in the mines, they encountered a sentinel. An aberration floating head with a single giant eye, and four eye stalks. Ban was able to talk his way past the creature, enabling the rest of the group to fast talk their way as well. There was an elevator deeper into the mine. 

Below they found unnatural spiders, flaming zombies, and prisoners of the man in black. Finally they found another elevator that took them deeper into the mines….and into a Wizard's Tower. 




Arcane_Cowboy Arcane_Cowboy

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